About Us

Experts Training is located at the heart of the city at New Baneshwore, Kathmandu.   We established the company in order to fill the lack of practical IT knowledge that current college students have. We vision to transform all the potential IT candidates in Nepal from individual to professionals in a limited duration. We are one of the top-notch leading providers of technical education & training for students seeking careers as IT professional, Programmer, Database programmer or Web Application Developer in Nepal. Established by highly experienced IT professionals in the year 2014, we strive to advance the lives of students & individuals by providing them professional IT & development trainings. Our motive is to empower people to succeed through learning in complex and diverse environments and make them competent for the job market at home & aboard.

There are many IT training institutes in Nepal these days and more are on the way. Many of them provide programming, non-programming and corporate trainings to students and individuals. Others provide technical certifications, internships and job positions too.   For some reasons, Nepal has not been able to gain significant social and economic leverage from IT industry that our neighboring countries have; and benefitted and excelled rapidly in last 10 years.

We believe the educational policy of a country makes the fundamental difference regarding how a country is able to take advantage of the technical opportunities available to them and exploit them for good. At present, we see a major gap between the three major stakeholders of the IT sector in Nepal namely; the colleges and universities of Baccalaureate level, the students, and the current IT industry.  At present, the curriculum is not designed to meet the industrial requirement. There is a distinct line drawn between the educational institutions and the industries resulting for skilled employment. Government is not able to deliver employment opportunities to the graduate pass-outs. Students after getting graduation degree are either under-paid or unemployed. The numbers of skilled-employed are increasing day by day which is resulting frustrations among the new graduates. There is no other alternative except accepting the under-paid appointments under compulsion.

Experts Training works with Software companies and IT colleges to best maximize their IT investment and increase productivity through consistent student involvements. With courses available in traditional classroom and flexible schedule methodologies, we have the best solution to fit your learning style, budget and schedule. We are dedicated in preparing a skilled IT workforce by 2020 in Nepal. We believe this can be achieved by providing higher level of skills & practical training that they lack through current education system. We not only plan to make every individual ready for any challenge

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they might face in the work environment but also make their lives better through this approach. We believe Quality investment in Education, training & support for students, individuals & professionals will bring a competent & sustainable workforce for the future.

The major thing that makes Experts Training different from other training institutes is we do whatever possible to make students proficient, knowledgeable & experienced. Whether it’s multiple in-class projects, assignments, individual Q&A’s or internship at the end in Software Company, our curriculum is designed by balancing the interest of the employers and the academic are updated on Periodical basis. Our courses are designed effectively based on a careful analysis of the present industry-academia program that has excellent industrial requirement. Our students are distinguished in the job market after the completion of the program and have more leverage than others because they just don’t have the practical experience they need but also have multiple projects and internships in one of the top 100 software companies of Nepal.