Mega Scholarship

With the vision of sustainability as well as our share of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are offering Mega-scholarship award 2016 to the deserving candidates. The award basically is for under-represented minority students who want to learn, communicate and develop the fundamentals in the field of Information Technology including software programming, data intelligence, web hosting, e-Commerce and enterprise software management.

The Scholarship course worth NRs. 150,000 is mainly targeted to qualified students mainly from a minority group, who are socially and financially unable to pursue higher education but have strong enthusiasm in making an IT career. The students of high school seniors or college freshman, sophomores, or juniors pursuing a college degree, college dropouts are eligible to apply.

In recent years the speed, flexibility and affordability of rapidly evolving Information technology has helped slowly shut the intellectual divide between the have and have-not and enabled tens of thousands of young people in Nepal. However, this effort is slow-paced and not adequate enough to fulfill the IT demands for next 10 years. We think sponsoring those have-not category students will at least fill some of the gap for those who have potential to have a professional career as well as serve back the society in meeting the challenges of the diverse work environment.

Mega Scholarship 2016 is mainly based on two categories; Need Based and Student Specific. The foundation of this Scholarship is need-based. In a poor country like Nepal where Opportunity favors those who have means and medium, we have possibly thousands of potential youth left behind just because of

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buy research papers a single moment of a chance because of the country’s poor educational policy, deprived economic conditions or geographical isolation. Need- based student lies in this category that are from remote places of the country and has potential to build career in programming in future. All we do is providing them the ample knowledge and resources to build themselves a better future. However, student specific category explains those students who must initially qualify their representation based on unprivileged and minority race, gender and family background.


Following are the process and specific procedures based on which this scholarship candidates are selected :

Eligibility Process:
a. Must be from an underprivileged race, cast and/or family.
b. Must be financially deprived as an individual or a family or be dependent upon foster parents or guardians
c. Need to be a Nepalese Citizen
d. Must be interested in Programming as a career in the future
e. Must follow all the terms and conditions of Experts Training
f. Must complete at least +2 and/or should not exceed 30 years of age

Application process:
a. Fill the application form
b. Submit your recently updated resume alongside the application
c. Submit a copy of Nepalese citizenship certificate
d. Proof of the candidate’s poor economic condition
e. A detailed two page personal note on letter of intent
f. A preliminary Interview if selected
g. A written test on basic programming

Post Scholarship Program:
a. Associated Job offer for 2 years
b. Competitive pay

Long-Term Impact of Mega Scholarship:
a. Transform an individual/student to a professional
b. Make their lives better
c. Make them contribute back to the society
d. Build more IT professionals for the country
e. Diversify educational opportunity

Terms & conditions:
a. The Scholarship includes 1 year of intensive professional Course in Experts Training Pvt. Ltd. 
b. The Course runs 6-8 hours per day. Minimum 6 hrs attendance is required to keep the scholarship.
c. Evaluation will take place every 3-months based on your performance well as your dedication. If you fail on your evaluation your scholarship can be terminated.
d. The candidate will get an internship in real life projects with our clients.
e. After the completion of 12 months of training, the candidate may be hired as a full-time employee based on evaluation in our partner companies with competitive salary.
f. By involving in this program the candidate must be willing to work for 2 years minimum after the scholarship completion.
g. If the candidate fails to complete the work during those 2 years of employment for any reason, he or she may be liable to refund the cost of scholarship (Nrs. 150,000).
h. We or our partner companies are not obligated to hire you after the scholarship program. It depends whether your service is required or based on your performance evaluation and/or other market scenarios.