To Our Sponsors

Like many of the intellectuals and tech-experts in the country, we also believe in the reality that Nepal can’t prosper economically & socially unless its IT sector has to be an overall top-notch priority. Experts Training was established in Jan 2014 with the vision of building skilled programmers that our country severely lacks.  We envision creating a competent workforce of Programmers & developers that will soon be the backbone of Nepalese IT industry in next 10 years and ahead.

While we sketch our agenda of training potential candidates for the program we are also besieged by the fact of cost and opportunity in Nepalese perspective. The fact of the soaring cost of IT colleges and its programs has made half of students impossible to further their baccalaureate programs and further. Whether it’s the elevated-price issues, or lack of infrastructure outside the capital & major urban areas or the lack of mentor and tutors outside these areas, half of the potential manpower are being wasted based on mainly these reasons.

Therefore, we have initiated Mega-Scholarship Program based on opportunity, diversity and inclusion as integral part of reaching out underprivileged and financially unable candidates but   talented and skilled who have higher potential to be a successful programmer in the future. Our goal is to promote the livelihood of these overlooked students and provide them industry-based practical training so that they can get a good job in any software company, start earning, pay their own college fees and make a better life ahead. Through this program we want to diversify the educational opportunity to transform an individual to a professional while improving their standards and making them contribute back to the society.  We recognize that expertise in today’s global marketplace requires that we create an educational environment where the best and brightest diverse minds—individuals with varied perspectives, skills, and experiences–work together to meet global consumer demands. We train them the universal used software programs like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, C sharp, Phonegap & WordPress.   This intense Programming class is followed by multiple projects and internships in a Software Company. By the end of this 12- months programme we plan to erect a professional ready to meet any challenges in the market.

As for the companies, it is the  Corporate Social responsibility of every software company to contribute to this righteous cause. As the world has been excelling rapidly to the accelerated path of growth, Nepal can’t be an exception. We need to harness the entire potential workforce for the upcoming future where we’ll face complex and diverse challenges in IT sector. We recognize that in order to achieve our aggressive goals of building a sustainable workforce for the next century,  we must leverage the intellectual power and harness the creative energy of top, highly talented individuals from all regions of the country , and those from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, . And the role of the software companies is very significant and foremost in here. Even from a sustainable commercial purpose, sponsoring a talented individual will bring a particular company its own customized trained professional for a long –term that will reverse the benefits for years to come. In addition, the company will have a renowned reputation nationally and aboard for its CSR role. Some of its prime examples are Ncell, NB bank and Air Asia.

We request this opportunity to welcome all the software companies in Nepal and aboard to contribute for this right cause as we already have launched this program with the help of our other sponsors. This collaboration of opportunity, diversity & inclusion will help  brings forth greater creativity and innovation for the individuals as well as the country in the long –term.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to call or email us. We would be happy to give you some more guidelines of what we require to benefit these talented individuals as well as to promote your company’s CSR.







Our Sponsors