Professional ASP.NET Training

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages .NET and is developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create web pages and web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision. As a member of the .NET framework, ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers, developers and students as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using compiled languages like VB and C#.

ASP.NET is not limited to script languages, it allows you to make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB, etc. It allows developers to build very compelling applications by making use of Visual Studio, the development tool provided by Microsoft. ASP.NET is purely server-side technology. It is built on a common language runtime that can be used on any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NET web sites and technologies.

ASP.Net career prospects in Nepal
The demand of qualified professionals trained in ASP.NET is high in Nepal. This demand will continue to become intense in years to come. This is because this software programming language will be needed to develop complicated software applications including designing applications, coding, testing and updating existing database driven web applications analyzing and creating e-commerce applications and implementing technical solutions to enhance the quality of the applications.

Asp.Net @ Experts Training
At Experts, .Net is taught by reducing variability in multiple ways so that it’s easy for students to understand. This is done by designing the best way to approach the design task, by supplying a standard set of schemas to answer a question, and by constraining the choices about execution structure to the best solutions. Each individual are given priority till they understand followed by multiple group projects from the third week of the class. Once, the two and half month’s session is done, the students do internships in a software company for a month in corporate environment.
This basic level course has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand fundamentals of ASP.NET programming. The tutors will guide them about in-depth knowledge with Entity framework and C# . This also includes developing web based applications with Jquery, JavaScript, CSS3 HTML5, JSON etc. alongside debugging, problem solving and troubleshooting skills on MS SQL server 2005/2008 T-SQL programming .

Our course content is enhanced and very beneficial for beginners as well as for professionals. .Net is very aspiring course today and there is a great chance to get a job in this field easily. If you think you have the desired talent to be an ASP.NET developer then career prospects are bright for you as the IT industry will remain to be a booming industrial sector.

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Duration: 120 hours (around 2.5 months)
Scholarship: Available for deserving candidates
Job Placement: Available for deserving candidates
Trainer: Working professional with more than 4 years of practical experience
Training Method: Practical-based Industrial Training

Admission Procedure

  • Application Form (You will fill the application form.)
  • Evaluation (We will evaluate your application.)
  • Interview (We will take the interview.)
  • Test (We will take your test, if you are selected.)
  • Admission (If you succeed the test, you will be admitted.)

Following is the Syllabus for ASP.Net (Level 1) students: 

1. Exploring Dot Net Framework

  • History
  • Architecture

2. Introduction to ASP.NET

  • Evolution of ASP.NET
  • IDE-Exploring Visual Studio
  • Client/Server Model, Introduction to IIS

3. ASP.NET Development
ASP.NET Web Forms Structure

  • Page Structure
  • Page Directives
  • Page Events
  • ASP.NET Application Folders
  • Compilation
  • Global.asax

Controls in

  • Structure of control
  • Web Server Controls
  • Validation Server Controls
  • User and Server Controls

Designing in ASP.NET

  • Master Page and Navigation
  • Styling Controls and Pages

4. C# Fundamentals

  • Datatypes,object, casting,functions, access modifiers,control structures, operators
  • Arrays,arraylist,,exception handling
  • Lists & ADO.NET

5. Data Access
Data Binding
i. Data Source Controls

  • SqlDataSource Control
  • ObjectDataSource Control
  • SiteMapDataSource Control

ii. Data –Bound Controls

  • GridView
  • Editing/Deleting Data in Gridview
  • DetailsView
  • Listview
  • Menu
  • Treeview

Concept of ORM

  • LINQ Overview
  • Introduction to Entity Framework

Working with Stored Procedures
Concept of ORM

  • LINQ Overview
  • Introduction to Entity Framework

6.Object Oriented in C#/ASP.NET

  • Classes and Objects

7.Multitier Architecture in ASP.NET
Building Component Libraries
3-tier overview

  • User Interface Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Data Access Layer

8.Membership and Role Management

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Introduction to OAuth and OpenID Authentication


  • Programmatic Authorization
  • Identity and Impersonation
  • Securing through IIS

10. Application State
State Management

  • Session State
  • Application Object
  • QueryStrings
  • Cookies
  • Postbacks and Cross-Page Postbacks
  • Hidden Fields, ViewState and Control State

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