Why Us?

Best Training professionals in Nepal
The endeavor of ET is to grow and provide quality programming and data management training, consultation & service activities and emerge as a strong, vibrant and stable institution through synchronization of talent, infrastructure and objectives.

We are offering web Application and apps development training and certification courses at our office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. Our courses are designed to empower individuals to meet industry demands as they fuel the students’ enthusiasm for higher education and professional training. Our strong relationship with IT companies in different domains has helped us to provide intellectual resource to serve their needs.

Learning from practical in real time projects
We know it is not easy to build a competent professional IT professional and programmer these days. It takes a lot of effort, time and resources to create them. At ET, the trainers have many years of programming experience,, a solid knowledge in project developing in outsourcing companies. We train our trainees to international standards so that they can be prepared for the stipulations in the real world. Our students become also proficient in project management after the completion of our advanced course.

Scholarships for needy students/candidate
One of the main goals of our establishment is to provide opportunity for needy students. This includes individuals who are interested in making IT as their career, economically weak and preferably from a remote area.

In the developing country like Nepal, the pace of change may be slower than many would like. Nonetheless, there are marked examples of technology’s role in raising incomes and driving employment opportunities. We believe IT based jobs spawned by technological innovation create lot of jobs in developing countries. In many cases, it is the technology firms need trained IT programmers and other professionals to fill knowledge gaps and keep up with the demands of the rapidly growing economy. Exploring the capable people to achieve their professional development is our purpose. Our Scholarship programs are just rightly dedicated for this purpose.

Placement opportunity for deserving candidates
Students who show proficiency during the training period are provided with internships after the completion of the training. Those internships are mainly based on live projects that are ongoing in the real world for commercial or social purpose. Students get chance to work in real and purposeful projects that are being supervised by experienced professionals. During the internship they get the taste of the real world project management and the challenges that arises and the guidance to resolve them in a professional way. We also refer job placements and internships to students at our partner companies. They normally get accepted more in the job market than those applicants who are on their own.

Use of latest technology
At experts we familiarize our students with the most updated technologies as possible. Some of the platforms include Phonegap, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS3 and others. In addition, we take our students into depth practical knowledge in any project variances like Program Evaluation and Review Technique, Project accounting, Project Management Information System Software (PMIS), Project management simulation, Project planning, Project portfolio management and other non specialized tools.

Customized Syllabus
We have customized syllabus based on the student’s knowledge of the desired courses. Our main courses are standard ones that start from the basic level ending at the Internship within the duration of 3 months. However, we have customized courses depending on the knowledge of each individual student. We also have customized courses for professionals who need help in their job related projects in a limited schedule.

Prime location with sound learning culture
We are located in the heart of the city at New Baneshwor intersection, right opposite of The Bakery café. The location is easily accessible by public commute as well as the classes are in virtually quiet environment. We have built a culture of teaching and helping each other not just within trainees themselves but also in between trainees and trainers.

Experienced Trainers
Needless to say, we believe one important factor of quality learning depends upon how good the instructor is. We have probably one of the most senior based trainers in the country. Our trainers are all professional programmers and IT professionals ranging from four to twelve years of industry knowledge. Imagine the quality of knowledge one can learn from these professionals.

Quality Oriented Industry-based Training
Our classes are pretty much 99 percent project based. Either we come up with project requirements or make students have one and make them work in groups. In fact, we are also aligned with multiple companies Nepal and aboard where we outsource different applications every day, we know what does it take to deliver a quality submission and its industrial standards and limitations.

Free Knowledge Sharing platform
The pace of change is accelerating, be it in technology, business or social. As things change, our knowledge base erodes. Information becomes obsolete very soon and requires constant up-gradation. ET gives a platform where students and professionals can create, nurture and develop their knowledge to achieve sustainable advantage in the market.

International Guest Speaker
We regularly run guest seminar featuring high-profile individuals from the professional and business world. They always look on the bright side of life and show you the silver lining. They will provide an expert opinion on their topic. Informative, stimulating and even controversial.

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