Android Web App Workshop

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Android (Web App)

Handheld systems, such as Smartphones and tablets are now the most common way for people to access and interact with computing services. The demand for application development skills is therefore growing at a breathtaking pace. These skills, however, are multi-­‐ faceted, requiring students to master computer science and engineering principles, to learn the details of specific mobile application platforms, and to design artistic and engaging user interfaces that respond to how, where and why handheld applications are used.

This course will cover the fundamental programming principles, software architecture and user experience considerations underlying handheld software applications and their development environments. To bring these concepts alive, the course will involve in-­‐depth, hands-­‐on examples, implemented in the Android Platform, the fastest growing segment of the handheld system user base. Students will apply these teachings, also using the Android Platform, in laboratory projects and in a large-­‐scale semester project. 

A Web App, are basically Internet-enabled apps that are accessible via the mobile device’s Web browser (Or Web View in App).



  1. Introduction to android
  2. Android System
  3. Web Apps
  4. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

WorkShop Class

Part One (Create Android App base)

1.     Introduction to android

    1. Open Source
    2. Designed for Mobile
    3. Open Handset Alliance
    4. Distribution

2.     Android System

    1. Linux
    2. Architecture(Stack) [Linux Kernel-> Libraries -> Application Framework -> Applications]
    3. Dalvik VM
    4. Android and Java [Dalvik Byte Code]

3.  Setting up Android SDK, ADT/Android Studio and AVD/Emulator

    1. Download and Install Android SDK
    2. Adding Platforms and Packages
    3. Setting up ADT in Eclipse/ Or setting up Android Studios
    4. Creating new Project
  1. Android Project structure
    1. Manifest File
    2. Layout XML
    3. Strings
    4. The R File (Resource)
    5. App Icon
    6. Java Source Code
  1. Android User Interface
  2. Activity, Views and Layout

Part Two (Create Web App)

  1. Basic Web Development

    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. PHP (Optional or Basic)
  1. Building Web Apps in WebView
  1. Load HTML files from the file system to Android App
  1. Binding JavaScript code to Android Code
    1. Toast Message
    2. Geo Location
    3. Read and Write Key Value Pair Data
  1. Supporting Different Screens.