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Experts Training engages students with  multiple projects during training. Most of them are group based but with individual performance being checked on each phase till the end. The projects includes mandatory involvement of all the trainees. Students can also bring college projects or have creative projects on their own.

These projects exactly resembles the methods, strategies and standards that are followed later in the workplace. Hence, the students get first hand knowledge and picture of how their future jobs are going to be including the knowledge of dealing with Project Framework and checking Quality Assurance.

We are happy to start our own project from those who have already completed our training and Internship. These projects are meant not only to learn, experience and practice the outputs of training but also help the people in basic necessities of their daily events.  Please help yourself to see  a glimpse of how our students have demonstrated their potential in their Internships through recent projectwork and how the project will help change the lives of ordinary people. 

Some projects done by the trainees:

Student Testimonials

Binod B.K

"Experts Training is a complete training institution who wants to pursue their career as IT professionals. I am fully satisfied with them because of their quality education with dedicated teachers and peaceful friendly environment. It was one of my greatest investment decisions that I have chosen Experts Training for completing my computer skills with web programming."

Biplav Raut

"I think PHP at Experts Training is a fantastic course for those who have basic knowledge and wants to have extra experience and practical expertise. I recommend to join Experts Training if anyone has plan to build their career as programmer or developer in future."

Pitambhar Jha

"I found that the trainers here are geared specifically to the fast paced corporate environment delivering training solutions on the latest technologies. I am very much happy to receive scholarship award to have my training on Course."

Subash Adhikari

"Experts Training is completely different from other training institutions as they are established with the motive of providing quality education and producing competent IT Professionals rather than focusing on quantity. It was my pleasure to get full scholarship for programming from Experts. Their way of teaching is very much different from other training institutes. The knowledge and skill I have gained from Experts will definately help me to enhance my career as a professional in IT sector. Thank you Experts Training."

Yogendra Tamang

"I am glad that  I took 3 months classes from Experts Training. I give credit to the fact that the instructors are very knowledgeable in what they are talking about as well as the level of their courses are of standard to the present IT Industry. I'm currently working as  a Junior .Net Developer."

Samir Maharjan

"If your main vision is to gain a professional and job oriented training on web development then Experts Training is the right place for you. You will get to learn more than what you have expected through their training program and won't regret your decision. I am very happy that I chose Experts Training for my training in and will surely be choosing it for any future training I may wish to take."

Bibek Chaudhary

"Experts Training is one of the best institutions to get IT training where I got trained from very highly experienced trainer in a very peaceful and friendly environment with high speed internet facility.  I have  not only learned the important skills as  a future programmer here but also the  trend of hard  work and dedication. I'm currently on Internship and on my way to be a professional."

Rachet Khanal

" Being a criticizer I regularly tend to complain about organizations, there are few like EXPERTS TRAINING that deserve a praise. I would rate EXPERTS 4.5 out of 5 stars. In the beginning, many might think the price is comparatively very high but once you start spending time with the lecturers you are guaranteed to think that it’s worth more. "

Hope to hear great things about the EXPERTS TRAINING in the future. Thank you.

Student Testimonial
ASP.NET Course

I was a student of management (Marketing). I was always interested in IT field and was searching for opportunity to learn and earn skills in the field. Experts Training gave me the opportunity to learn and increase my skill in programming (ASP.NET). By joining Experts, I have learned programming environment of ASP.NET. I’ve learned different techniques to make dynamic and static web applications in ASP.NET framework. I got trained on how professionals create different applications and how to make it flexible and reliable. I hope to become a professional programmer and excel my career in computer programming.